The roots and the evolution 

The very basis of art and design comes from an underlying principle of ignorance and indulgence. Indulgence that is effortless and beyond the elements governing environment.Its a comprehensive artist’s expression which is a culmination of inner concise and outer morality in living world that makes it an absolute original. 
A notion of an art is extremely instinctive and personal. 

which sets aside it from the zone of what people want. It’s the ignorance about most of the things that led to create something which never existed. The thought process in depicting the sense has been much about going against odd , the rebellious mindset that the led to indulgence and creating.

Doing what is the requirement of the time and as per the norms has nothing to do with an idea of an art. It goes beyond the parameters of normality and existence and evolves on a sense on individuality that has undergone multiple layers of emotions and feelings about existence of life in particular. 

No outer dimensions has an influence on the creation as it originates within. M.F. Husain rightly quoted ‘ all this talk about inspiration is non sense ‘ I can paint even at mid night in middle of the jungle. 

Art has been all about going against the odd , it calibrates the story untold and way undiscovered which gives a beautiful reason for civilisation to be happy about. The expression should be preserved and set free to be at its best by nurturing individuality and respecting the unusual complexities involved in determining the course of action in an art to evolve. 


Karan Forecasts New Era for Handlooms

A Media Glare

The visionary insight of Karan about the future growth and inherent potential of Indian Hand-looms, has been well appreciated by media. Exclusive article leading Indian news daily – Pioneer has published Karan’s visionary analysis titled “Restoration of Future”. The fashion focused literary circuit has always much appreciated Karan Arora’s visionary aura. Here is the link & the print version of the article:

Pioneer : India’s Leading News Daily



Diva who Rocked the Vintage Look

Glory of Neha Kaushik

Glorious ladies are always known for their sartorial choice. Be it western or traditional, we all look up to our tinsel town divas for fashion lessons.

While most movies showcase an urban chic look, there are a many period films, which took us back not just in time but in costumes as well.

With Deepika and Priyanka’s recent Royal look in Bajirao Mastani. Affiliated with the monarchical theme, Karan Arora attiring of Neha Kaushik, was stately done with organ tussar floor length Anarkali  bearing pastel colours, with deep ardent Zardozi work.


Celebration of Womanhood

Creation of timeless beauty comes from years of experience and self-confidence attained by Karan Arora and his maverik team. The Karan factor assured Neha Kaushik to rise above the world and celebrate demureness and a regalia of womanhood, like no one else. The Zardozi work worn by Neha, surely have evoked salutation by Bajirao Mastani, herself.


In Haute Pursuit of Regal Couture

The Elegance of Malini 

Enamored with our creations, Manali Nandini’s soul was etched with a belief in our core essence of the ideology of designing legendary outfits. The gracious lady’s agenda of regal attiring was aptly understood and bespoke creation was designed by  master artisan, Karan Arora. With its flamboyance, the attire not only found a gracious applaud, it won a gracious place as collectible by its owner.

The Queen’s Attire

Manali’s wear is a timeless creation for women of substance, portraying regality of a lost paradise. The flamboyance vibrancy and choice of color was aptly accentuated with the luster of the  fabric.  Inspired with the starry night garden, Karan crafted the ornate Zardozi & dori design, reminding people to dream big & wish bigger with gasped Oh!! LaLa, I’ve always been into rose gold so naturally.

image1 - Copy2.jpg

The ‘Karan Arora’ Craftsmanship

There are things that come and fade away, and then there is ‘Karan Arora’ eternal design, which endows celebration of womanhood, demureness with exclusive regal outfits guaranteed not to go unnoticed.

In the haute pursuit of crafting the legendary ethnic Indian queen attire, the anarkali lehnga, blouse & dupatta, is staple, but crafting a zardozi art and choice of vibrancy, of color, application of authentic heritage theme, can only be done by a master artisan. The legendary Karan Arora & team, with a legacy of generations of attiring regal women, understood Nandini’s desires.

The off-shoulder silhouette design of the blouse, being  one of Karan’s  favorites, was done with intricate Zardori floral pattern, aka, designs of regal havelis.  The Georgette, being softer’ staple of wardrobe, was elegantly used in Dupatta, with emboldened Zardozi design on its borders. The masterpiece Anarkali  lehenga was upon one of the best journeys life has to offer. With the luxurious appearance of her apparel, the Zardozi work captivated the eye of each invitee, who came to grace the celebration.

image2 - Copy.jpg


“Unrealistically Real”


The beauty of being unknown and the Power of unsaid.
An idea of not so obvious but the power within you.
The beauty of ignorance and the power of self contentment.
The beauty of being amazing without an effort and an idea to evolve and exist for the reason other than to be known for it.
An idea to be happy and the phenomena of setting yourself free.
The power to love without any reason and an idea to not to conclude and live without judgments.
The beauty of acceptance and the theory of unsaid emotions.
The beauty of being subtle and composed and the power within you and to love and live with what you are.
The beauty of how are things supposed to be and the power of natural analogy.

It’s all about the power of the theory and an idea, to create unrealistic real surroundings with strong essence of now and forever.

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|| The Creative Vision ||


We are not empowering women. We are adding the glory to the substantial women who believes in herself, who knows universe revolves around her and is not dependent on anybody. Whose majesty is not defined by whose and how. She just knows how to nail it in the right perspective. She has all the power within herself to make things happen.

It definitely doesn’t filters down to arrogance out of all that you have. It’s the right proportion of attitude out of all that you have learnt and grown up with, that makes human a human and adds the regality to your existence. Hence we define our clothing as power clothing, keeping intact our identity in midst of uprising modernisation which is widely misunderstood and misinterpreted.  We envision the modern Indian women with an open and kind frame of mind carrying forward Indian legacies with all the confidence and action that is required to bring in the change for betterment of our existence and establish us globally with a very strong aspect of characterisation with inbuilt wisdom. It feels sad how an idea of living in today’s world has led to rampant destruction of our identity right in all the spheres of life and living with confusion for forever, thus leading to an isolation out of non ending conflicts in thought process of what and what not , how and how not , living life  like nobody. Our inspiration is definitive and explicitly instinctive in above the zone keeping things as how they are supposed to be in view of something that is for now and forever.

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The Mystique !


It starts with an emotion and then comes the vision. The vision that is nurtured with the blend of feelings, and an essence of virtual belongingness to a mystic world of how you wish to see it and how you see the world is just the reflection of how you feel on inside.  The world that we envisioned is blossomed with peace and happiness where effort is to be in constant harmony of law of nature, keeping things as how they are supposed to be and as substantial as possibly it could be but in an eye of today’s uptight essentials.  A world where to be beautiful, you just have to be beautiful. An idea of being beautiful is much above then do’s and don’ts of fashion and what’s new.  Evolving on such parameters with an idea to preserve and reinvent our roots in India heritage we are utilizing most basic form of artwork of thread and needle over the panel of colors that is dreamy and silhouette that is uptight in process of creating that is for now and forever.