Design , art and craft

|| The misery and the Crisis || 


Culture and fashion go hand in hand and India is facing serious crisis in both aspects. It is extremely disappointing how rampant modernisation is misunderstood as westernisation.

The inferiority complexes led by Britishers imperialism among Indians to strive for acceptances among them has lead to major identity loss which in turn is affecting our way of living and thinking hence living a dual life in denial of reality at the cost of humility ,morality and peace of mind.

The loss accruing out of above reasons is blowing up indian lifestyles right from the way we eat, think and dress, in the lieu of new and modern, synthetic and mechanisation is overtaking the purity,essence and fundamentals and that too at the ignorance accentuated with false pride. hence the task is bigger in real term to change with mindsets along with revival of indigenous processes.


Living in discipline and character has always made life more promising and peaceful. It shows the strength of actual roots in making up of a character, which in turn is reflected in inner being and confidence , that makes the entire process of existence more delightful.

Trying to be someone else and leaving the roots from where you are coming from has never made peace anywhere in real.Its saddening , how in the lieu of being modern we have bought around changes in our thought process and culture for acceptance among societies/environment in which we never even exist.
It’s the need of an hour for sustainable modernisation and to re-evaluate the idea of being free as to maintain peace of mind first before we move onto the next era of technology revolution.


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