The roots and the evolution 

The very basis of art and design comes from an underlying principle of ignorance and indulgence. Indulgence that is effortless and beyond the elements governing environment.Its a comprehensive artist’s expression which is a culmination of inner concise and outer morality in living world that makes it an absolute original. 
A notion of an art is extremely instinctive and personal. 

which sets aside it from the zone of what people want. It’s the ignorance about most of the things that led to create something which never existed. The thought process in depicting the sense has been much about going against odd , the rebellious mindset that the led to indulgence and creating.

Doing what is the requirement of the time and as per the norms has nothing to do with an idea of an art. It goes beyond the parameters of normality and existence and evolves on a sense on individuality that has undergone multiple layers of emotions and feelings about existence of life in particular. 

No outer dimensions has an influence on the creation as it originates within. M.F. Husain rightly quoted ‘ all this talk about inspiration is non sense ‘ I can paint even at mid night in middle of the jungle. 

Art has been all about going against the odd , it calibrates the story untold and way undiscovered which gives a beautiful reason for civilisation to be happy about. The expression should be preserved and set free to be at its best by nurturing individuality and respecting the unusual complexities involved in determining the course of action in an art to evolve. 


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