Diva who Rocked the Vintage Look

Glory of Neha Kaushik

Glorious ladies are always known for their sartorial choice. Be it western or traditional, we all look up to our tinsel town divas for fashion lessons.

While most movies showcase an urban chic look, there are a many period films, which took us back not just in time but in costumes as well.

With Deepika and Priyanka’s recent Royal look in Bajirao Mastani. Affiliated with the monarchical theme, Karan Arora attiring of Neha Kaushik, was stately done with organ tussar floor length Anarkali  bearing pastel colours, with deep ardent Zardozi work.


Celebration of Womanhood

Creation of timeless beauty comes from years of experience and self-confidence attained by Karan Arora and his maverik team. The Karan factor assured Neha Kaushik to rise above the world and celebrate demureness and a regalia of womanhood, like no one else. The Zardozi work worn by Neha, surely have evoked salutation by Bajirao Mastani, herself.


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