In Haute Pursuit of Regal Couture

The Elegance of Malini 

Enamored with our creations, Manali Nandini’s soul was etched with a belief in our core essence of the ideology of designing legendary outfits. The gracious lady’s agenda of regal attiring was aptly understood and bespoke creation was designed by  master artisan, Karan Arora. With its flamboyance, the attire not only found a gracious applaud, it won a gracious place as collectible by its owner.

The Queen’s Attire

Manali’s wear is a timeless creation for women of substance, portraying regality of a lost paradise. The flamboyance vibrancy and choice of color was aptly accentuated with the luster of the  fabric.  Inspired with the starry night garden, Karan crafted the ornate Zardozi & dori design, reminding people to dream big & wish bigger with gasped Oh!! LaLa, I’ve always been into rose gold so naturally.

image1 - Copy2.jpg

The ‘Karan Arora’ Craftsmanship

There are things that come and fade away, and then there is ‘Karan Arora’ eternal design, which endows celebration of womanhood, demureness with exclusive regal outfits guaranteed not to go unnoticed.

In the haute pursuit of crafting the legendary ethnic Indian queen attire, the anarkali lehnga, blouse & dupatta, is staple, but crafting a zardozi art and choice of vibrancy, of color, application of authentic heritage theme, can only be done by a master artisan. The legendary Karan Arora & team, with a legacy of generations of attiring regal women, understood Nandini’s desires.

The off-shoulder silhouette design of the blouse, being  one of Karan’s  favorites, was done with intricate Zardori floral pattern, aka, designs of regal havelis.  The Georgette, being softer’ staple of wardrobe, was elegantly used in Dupatta, with emboldened Zardozi design on its borders. The masterpiece Anarkali  lehenga was upon one of the best journeys life has to offer. With the luxurious appearance of her apparel, the Zardozi work captivated the eye of each invitee, who came to grace the celebration.

image2 - Copy.jpg


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