“Unrealistically Real”


The beauty of being unknown and the Power of unsaid.
An idea of not so obvious but the power within you.
The beauty of ignorance and the power of self contentment.
The beauty of being amazing without an effort and an idea to evolve and exist for the reason other than to be known for it.
An idea to be happy and the phenomena of setting yourself free.
The power to love without any reason and an idea to not to conclude and live without judgments.
The beauty of acceptance and the theory of unsaid emotions.
The beauty of being subtle and composed and the power within you and to love and live with what you are.
The beauty of how are things supposed to be and the power of natural analogy.

It’s all about the power of the theory and an idea, to create unrealistic real surroundings with strong essence of now and forever.

Visit us at : http://karanarora.in/


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