|| The Creative Vision ||


We are not empowering women. We are adding the glory to the substantial women who believes in herself, who knows universe revolves around her and is not dependent on anybody. Whose majesty is not defined by whose and how. She just knows how to nail it in the right perspective. She has all the power within herself to make things happen.

It definitely doesn’t filters down to arrogance out of all that you have. It’s the right proportion of attitude out of all that you have learnt and grown up with, that makes human a human and adds the regality to your existence. Hence we define our clothing as power clothing, keeping intact our identity in midst of uprising modernisation which is widely misunderstood and misinterpreted.  We envision the modern Indian women with an open and kind frame of mind carrying forward Indian legacies with all the confidence and action that is required to bring in the change for betterment of our existence and establish us globally with a very strong aspect of characterisation with inbuilt wisdom. It feels sad how an idea of living in today’s world has led to rampant destruction of our identity right in all the spheres of life and living with confusion for forever, thus leading to an isolation out of non ending conflicts in thought process of what and what not , how and how not , living life  like nobody. Our inspiration is definitive and explicitly instinctive in above the zone keeping things as how they are supposed to be in view of something that is for now and forever.

Visit us at : http://karanarora.in/


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