The Mystique !


It starts with an emotion and then comes the vision. The vision that is nurtured with the blend of feelings, and an essence of virtual belongingness to a mystic world of how you wish to see it and how you see the world is just the reflection of how you feel on inside.  The world that we envisioned is blossomed with peace and happiness where effort is to be in constant harmony of law of nature, keeping things as how they are supposed to be and as substantial as possibly it could be but in an eye of today’s uptight essentials.  A world where to be beautiful, you just have to be beautiful. An idea of being beautiful is much above then do’s and don’ts of fashion and what’s new.  Evolving on such parameters with an idea to preserve and reinvent our roots in India heritage we are utilizing most basic form of artwork of thread and needle over the panel of colors that is dreamy and silhouette that is uptight in process of creating that is for now and forever.


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